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Good news: The fall wedding season is back!

Autumn is the most popular season for weddings. According to a study published by The Knot, the most popular wedding months are September (15%), June (13%) and October (16%).

The pandemic has put a brake on the wedding industry but we are seeing signs of a comeback this year. Many weddings have been postponed, some even cancelled, but now due to the vaccinations and restrictions that have been lifted, the wedding business is likely to boom in the fall. (Read more)

Our Guide to Wedding Guest Attire


Picking the right outfit for a wedding can sometimes feel like a test, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal is to look nice without dressing too casual or too over the top, but if you overthink it, picking the right outfit can feel overwhelming. Luckily, at Vicky and Lucas, we offer a variety of different outfits and party dresses that would be perfect for a wedding. If you’re still feeling stuck, continue reading below for a few tips and then check out our collection to pick the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding! (Read more)

How to Wear Neutrals

Fall is around the corner and this means new wardrobe! When most people think of fall style, they lean towards neutral colours and a wardrobe that will take them into the winter months. As far as versatility is concerned, a neutral palette will always offer an attractive style choice for any purpose and any season. There is always a neutral shade and variation that satisfies everyone. Here are some tips on how you stay stylish in  neutrals: (Read more)

The Best Colors to Wear Based on Your Skin Tone

 See What Colors Will Make You Shine

There are many different factors that go into looking your best. Not only does choosing the right fit and style play into how you look, but your skin tone can also play a role in how well you pull off an outfit. In today’s post, we will discuss colors that look best on four different types of skin tones. After reading this article, check out our extensive collection of dresses for women at Vicky and Lucas! Find your new favorite clothes today. (Read more)

Women's denim fashion and denim style Ideas

Some fashion trends are locked in a certain time and place and they will hardly make a come back soon although trends in fashion are unpredictable.

 It's not the case with the denim fashion and outfits. Since 1873  when the denim jeans have been invented the indigo dyed pants traveled the world to become an iconic piece of clothing and a cultural symbol and sometimes even a sign of rebellion. (Read more)

A quick glance to Women's Office Wear and Women's Work Clothes

Women's office wear usually means a conservative style mostly if you work in the finance, insurance or accounting yet a business-professional look does not exclude a creative mix of formal outfit and a personal touch of creativity.

The challenge is to keep a look great on the job having a professional image without forgetting about being elegant and tasteful.

Some will say that looking seductive at work is not quite the norm but sometimes a fresh, upbeat  twist is enough to to add a playful hint to a practical personality. (Read more)


 A Story Behind a Brand: Vicky and Lucas

Every brand has its story or should I say its stories. There is a story behind its origin, its name, the creator’s inspiration, passion and beliefs. A brand is like a human, it is once crafted and cherished by its parents. Then it starts growing, living a life of its own. Nevertheless, it should never forget its roots. (Read more)