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The Best Colors to Wear Based on Your Skin Tone

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See What Colors Will Make You Shine

There are many different factors that go into looking your best. Not only does choosing the right fit and style play into how you look, but your skin tone can also play a role in how well you pull off an outfit. In today’s post, we will discuss colors that look best on four different types of skin tones. After reading this article, check out our extensive collection of dresses for women at Vicky and Lucas! Find your new favorite clothes today.

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Deep Skin: Cobalt, Yellow, and Red

If you have a deeper skin tone, you can’t go wrong with bright, bold colors such as cobalt, yellow, and red. When you pair these rich tones with your skin color, both are sure to pop, giving you an amazing glow. Consider choosing a statement piece such as a blouse or a necklace that you can pair with neutral tones to really make that piece pop.

An image of a woman in a magenta dress.

Dark Skin: Olive Green, Cream, and Magenta

Those with dark skin need a color that will beautifully complement their gorgeous skin tone, which is why we recommend olive green, cream, or magenta. When you wear these colors, they really help bring out the richness of your skin tone, making you look as though you have a glow about you. As an added bonus, utility colors, such as olive green and cream, are extremely popular at the moment, giving you even more of a reason to wear them!

An image of a woman’s face in Neon light.

Medium Skin: Metallic, Dove Gray, and Neon

If you have medium skin, then you know the struggle of finding clothes that don’t make you look too pale. Lighter colored clothing, such as a canary yellow or baby blue, can make you look washed out, which is why we recommend dressing in slightly darker tones. Metallic, dove gray, and neon colors are perfect for your skin tone, as they complement the color without making you look too pale!

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Light Skin: Baby Blue, Camel, and Seafoam

When you have light skin, the key is to complement your fair skin tone without making you look even more washed out. For this reason, we recommend wearing baby blue, camel, and seafoam. These colors are lighter, but they won’t wash you out. Instead, they will complement the color of your skin and give you a stunning glow.

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