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A Story Behind a Brand: Vicky and Lucas - New Brand Discovery

Every brand has its story or should I say its stories. There is a story behind its origin, its name, the creator’s inspiration, passion and beliefs. A brand is like a human, it is once crafted and cherished by its parents. Then it starts growing, living a life of its own. Nevertheless, it should never forget its roots.

Let me tell you the story of one brand that I came across recently. There was a woman who loved dresses. She would always wear a dress regardless of the occasion or the weather. Even more, she would push her girlfriends to do the same. She supported her thesis saying that a dress makes a woman look a thousand times prettier. Therefore, one day she decided to create a clothing brand to fulfill her passion.

There was only one thing that was bigger than this woman’s love for dresses. It was her love for her children. She had two of them, a girl named Vicky and a little boy named Lucas. She decided to name her brand Vicky and Lucas.

Recently, I was passing by Beyond the Runway and had the chance not only to hear this story but also to try some of the Vicky and Lucas designs. I will give you my honest impressions of what I tried.

The first piece that I tried was the Polka dot V-neck Ruffle Hem A-line Dress. I loved it. It is so light and childish. It reminded me of the dresses that I used to wear when I was a little girl. I feel like it would fit any body type. Even more, I could imagine myself wearing it to completely different occasions. First, styling it with white sneakers could be a perfect outfit for a casual day downtown. On the other hand, when worn with a pair of my favourite Aldo high heel sandals, you would have a great look for a date night.

The only problem I had with that dress was that it is downsized. I usually wear size small (or even extra small, depending on the style and brand), but here I had to go for a medium.

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The second dress that I tried was the Puff Sleeve Square Neck Contrast Denim Mini Dress. I will start with a heads up: I did not take it because the only size that was left was size medium, which was too big. Nevertheless, I wanted to mention it because I liked its design. Let me be honest, as soon as a piece of clothing says “denim”, there is a 99% of chance that I will like it, so my opinion might be just a little bias. However, this dress had something more, I was impressed by how it combined the casual denim style with more elegant features. The pearl buttons and the puffy flowered sleeves gave that dress a unique charm. I would style it with white sneakers and go out shopping!

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 The third dress that I came across was the Short Sleeve Printed Lace Long Dress. I usually do not wear long dresses, but this one looks great on me. It felt very light and made me look very feminine. I liked that the dress was half transparent starting from the knees making it more unique. The belt highlighted my waist giving me an hourglass shape. I would style it with some high heel sandals and wear them to a nice seashore restaurant.

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The next dress that I tried was the Shirt Collar Shirt Dress. Once I had it on, I felt like Beth from the Queen’s Gambit. It is very simple and classy, just like the heroine from the mentioned Netflix series. I would style it with some black leather loafers and wear them to university or a study date!

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 Last, but not least was the Long Sleeve Sequin Mermaid Maxi Dress. That dress was something phenomenal! It is one of the classiest and most elegant dresses that I have ever tried. It is sparkling, but not too sparkling. It is sexy, but very far from being vulgar. But unfortunately, it is not a summer dress. I will have to wait until the Christmas Holidays to glow at the New Year’s party!

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To conclude, I liked Vicky and Lucas’ designs. Despite all being very different, they all have one thing in common: they are all amazing quality. After seeing these dresses, I agree, anyone can find a perfect dress that would make them feel like a princess.