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How to Wear Neutrals

Fall is around the corner and this means new wardrobe! When most people think of fall style, they lean towards neutral colours and a wardrobe that will take them into the winter months. As far as versatility is concerned, a neutral palette will always offer an attractive style choice for any purpose and any season. There is always a neutral shade and variation that satisfies everyone. Here are some tips on how you stay stylish in neutrals:

Mix neutral colors

When wearing neutrals, you don’t have to always wear a monochromatic outfit. Although this is super stylish, consider mixing neutral colors such as white, nude, beige, khaki, grey, olive and black. Having these staple colours in your wardrobe will allow for endless outfit options.

Mix textures

It is super simple to enhance a neutral outfit when mixing textures. Picture this: white jeans with a beige knit top or leather pants and flowy blouse. Cute right?!

Play with structure

The last thing we want our outfit to look like is sloppy. Dress for your body type and play with structure. If your bottom is loose say flowy pants or a skirt, wear a structured fitted top or if you’re wearing tailored pants pair it with a flowy blouse. The options are infinite!


Add subtle details

Not all neutral outfits have to be plain! You can always dress up your outfit with embroidery or studs.


Bring a little contrast into your autumn closet

For a fresh fall look, why not look chic wearing these creative dresses where classic meets modern? They are going to wonderfully match up with just about everything.

Elevate with accessories and footwear

Elevate a neutral outfit with accessories and footwear whether it’s a designer bag or booties. Don’t forget jewelry makes every outfit better! If you have the itch for some colour, this is a great way to incorporate it.