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Our Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

Party Dress Etiquette by Vicky and Lucas

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Everyone loves a wedding! You get to eat, drink, be merry — what’s not to love?!  As we’ve all heard our fair share of bridezilla stories, it’s safe to say that preparing for the special day can come with its fair share of stressors. And you're just a guest! To avoid any bridal freakouts on the day of, Vicky and Lucas have put together a guide to wedding guest attire. Keep reading to find out how to stay on the bride’s good side.

Three wedding guests in colorful dresses.

Don’t Wear White 

First and foremost, if there is only one rule you take away from this guide, let it be this one...DON’T WEAR WHITE! This isn’t just a suggestion to consider. This is an iron-clad rule, punishable by death at some weddings! To avoid this major wedding fashion faux pas, check out Vicky and Lucas where they can put you in literally any other color of party dress.

An invitation surrounded by dried plants and flowers.

Don’t Clash With The Bridesmaids

A good idea when you receive a wedding invitation is to cultivate your look based on the colors of the invite. If that doesn’t work, try asking a member of the wedding party what the wedding colors are.  This is for two reasons. One, you don't want to be mistaken for a bridesmaid. Two, you don’t want to be the only person in the pictures who is upstaging the bride by wearing bright red when the wedding colors are blue and silver. Try a beautiful party dress in a neutral color (not white) from Vicky and Lucas.

A cultural dance happening at a wedding.

Don’t Be Over Prepared

When it comes to weddings, each one is as individual as the couple getting married. There may be cultural entertainment, traditional dances, or religious ceremonies that you’ve never experienced before. Don’t worry; just roll with the punches. And for a party dress that will move with you, check out the new arrivals at Vicky and Lucas.

Wedding guests standing for the bride.

Don’t Be Casual

There’s always that one person at every wedding. That person must have grown up under a rock because they are wearing jeans...at a wedding! At least they left the Crocs at home this time. Don’t be the “crocs-wearing jeans guy” at the wedding. Find out the dress code, then check out the party dresses available at Vicky and Lucas.

Every wedding is different, and as a guest, you need to be willing to roll with whatever the happy couple has planned. Whether it is black tie or cocktail attire, follow these four rules to wedding guest attire, and you will be the exemplary wedding guest. Not the Crocs-wearing jeans guy. For a massive selection of appropriate wedding attire, check out Vicky and Lucas today.

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